Helpling – The Path towards Profitability!

By Posted on March 2, 2018  |   News

Despite the economic slowdown of 2017, Helpling Singapore managed to turn profitable at the second half of the year. It was an achievement built on blood, sweat and tears – rewarding yet fraught with struggles and setbacks. The team endured countless sleepless nights and disappointments to get to where they are now. If anything, it has never been clearer that the path towards profitability is not an easy one.
Three cheers to the hustlers that made it happen!!

Moving forward, the focus will be on driving growth to cement the company’s profitable position. The growth strategy is clear – it will be one that leverages best-in-class customer experience and branding to eventually dominate the home services market in Singapore. The gradual shift towards a freelancer-agency hybrid model, coupled with the development of strategic partnerships, are but some of the initiatives that will be executed over the next quarter.

Stay tuned for more updates – things are heating up in the hot tropics!